First Semester| June 3 (Sat) – June 25 (Sun), 2023
Second Semester:|July 1 (Sat) – July 23 (Sun), 2023  *Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
GEIDAI ART PLAZA 12-8 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo


“What is God to you?”
“Is there a God? No?”
“Can God be expressed in art?”
“What is the origin of art?”

Monotheism, polytheism, Zeus, Christ, Buddha.
There are as many gods as there are worlds, countries, peoples, and people.
This time, the artists of the University of the Arts will take up the challenge of “art and God.

Creations based on mythological motifs and works expressing the gods themselves,
and questions about the existence of God,
the world, the universe, the beginning of art, and the existence of God for themselves.

The story of the gods spun by the Geidai artists is the very myth of Geidai itself.
the very mythology of the University of the Arts itself.
Please enjoy the dazzling story of art.

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企画展「藝大神話ーGEISHIN」開催のおしらせ(2023年6月-7月) | 藝大アートプラザ (geidai.ac.jp)