The article was published in “rojirojimagazine vol.6” published in November 2021.

“rojirojimagazine” is an information magazine about stores and recommended spots in Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi areas. The theme of this issue is Arts & Crafts, and it focuses on contemporary artist Yuko Mori and other artists in the Yanesen area.
I had a chance to try my hand at Amezaiku at Amezaiku Yoshihara and was featured in the magazine.
They can be found in various stores in the Yanesen area, so if you see one, please give us a call.

For more information and stores that carry the product, please click on the link below.
rojiroji magazine vol.06 is out! – rojiroji blog – ロジロジブログ 谷根千のおすすめ (