“Sumida Mukojima EXPO 2021 Under the Eaves Project Vol.3”

October 1, 2021 - October 31, 2021
Project under the eaves is open throughout the exhibition period.
10 places under the eaves in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, Japan

About the viewing fee
Free under the eaves project
※Sumida Mukojima Expo 2021 Free Pass Ticket is 3000 yen.

URL   すみだ向島EXPO2021 (sumidaexpo.com)

This is a project where artists and landlords meet, and artworks and people encounter and nurture each other in the town. As you get off the station and walk through this town and step into a small street, you will see the complex expressions created by people and time. A child jumps out of the alley and greets a man who rings his bicycle bell from behind. In such a place, a work of art welcomes you as a guide to the back alley experience.

Planning: Yoshiaki Kaihatsu

We will participate in the exhibition “Sumida Mukojima EXPO2021 Under the Eaves Project” which will be held from October 1. We will be exhibiting a work with the motif of Tetris at the exhibition site (3), in which we think about the ever-changing city and its inhabitants. It is a huge work. Please come and see it if you have a chance.